I'm not saying that this blog has midget porn all up in it! i'm also not saying that it doesn't. Read at your own risk.
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This ship is too stressful for me.

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lmao calebs reaction though

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I was not informed that they still sold haterade this strong, I thought the FDA banned it. No one should have this much salt in their diet, please be kind and get these ladies some water.

how can someone who looks like christine have an opinion on someone elses looks? da fuck!

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  • Zach:

    All day I’ll be your bae… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    You’d be the first person I’d experiment with… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    I like you gay, if I’m being honest… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    ♫ I’d make love to Frankie ♫… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    I want to fuck Frankie so bad… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    Frankie’s turning me on right now… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    I only call the girls I like “babe”, babe… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    Yeah, I wanna join you in the shower… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    You look good, man. You tan, sexy beast… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    You’re hot… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    My little Frank… but I’m straight.

  • Zach:

    *Kisses*Cuddles*Holds Hand*… but I’m straight.

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  • Zankie has gone from bad first impressions to a final 2 deal.
  • There has been lying, betrayal and backstabbing.
  • A very emotional fallout occurred and Zankie temporarily fell out.
  • One of them was almost evicted.
  • But now everything is as it once was.


The flames of your passion slowly begin to engulf me. I wish not to die, I must escape your temptation. To think a man who could light a spark in me with just one touch, fails now with many kisses. The warmth is no longer there.